Your Safety

Kasala helps keep your family safe and closer with advanced safety features designed to protect them.

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  • Kasala provides innovative features to make you feel safer


SOS Button

Activate the SOS button by pressing the alarm icon. Your guardians and other Kasala users around you would get a notification with your location details prompting them to come to your rescue. Everything is automatically recorded by audio and video in real-time and sent to your guardian's cell phones.


Your Guardians

Set up your personal security network of friends and family by using the “Guardians” feature. Invite as many as you want.


Live Streaming

While the live streaming feature is in use, audio and video are also automatically recorded and sent to your guardians in real-time.


Audio and Video Recording

When the SOS is activated, audio and video are automatically recorded and the recorded file is sent to your guardian's cell phone in real-time.


Community Policing

This is the most advanced and reliable personal safety feature where you can also send SOS alarms to other Kasala app users anywhere, anytime around you to come to your rescue who are not in your security network(Guardians) or family/friends list.


Emergency Phone Number

Add a personal emergency contact that is easily reachable when you’re in danger (a family member for example).



Set a timer to send a panic alarm, the Kasala alarm will automatically trigger and alert all your guardians.



Locate an emergency responder around you by activating your SOS. This responder doesn’t have to be on your guardian list.

track me

Track me

Invite guardians to track you via GPS tracking-now to feel more safe! When guardians accept your invitation and join your journey, kasala will alert you immediately. With this feature you always know who is watching over you.


Fake Calls

Simulate an incoming call to your phone and escape an unpleasant or threatening situation.

Onyedikachi Erete
– Founder

Safety has always been one of the biggest concerns in the world today especially in African communities, As a child, I experienced my fair share of traumatic experiences ranging from being trapped in a flooded house to being attacked by armed robbers which could have been averted if safety was a click away.

Recently, the stories of sexual abuse and domestic violence have been on the rise and the society is concerned about personal safety and ways of combating the security issues. In an effort to support the safety initiative, i was inspired to build “KASALA” . The vision for kasala is to keep users safe, protected and confident even in their most vulnerable moment.

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Kasala is the world's most reliable personal safety app that allows you to create your own security network and also send SOS alarms to other app users apart from your guardians around your location at any given time for personal safety.

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